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Monday, December 17, 2007


“This year, I’m going to follow through on my promises to myself.”

You know what you need to do … you know what you’re supposed to do ... you know what you want to do in order to achieve your goals. So what is it that’s keeping you from doing it? The answer is self-discipline, and here’s a little-known secret: Becoming self-disciplined is incredibly easy! Every high-achieving person has done it, and so can you. It all comes down to a few simple techniques. Install them in your mind, and in no time you’ll be getting the things you want without even trying!


Dear George Vasu,

That’s right, I’m talking to you.

2008 is almost here. Another year, come and gone. Are you where you want to be — where you dreamed you’d be, one, five, ten years ago? Do you have the money you want? The job you want? The body you want? The relationships you want?
In other words, do you have the life you want?

If your answer is no, I can tell you exactly why you don’t:

Your excuses are keeping you from getting it!

“I don’t have the time …”
“I don’t have the money …”
“It’s too hard …”
“I’m too busy …”
“I can’t help it …”
“Nothing ever works for me …”

Sound familiar?

If these are the kinds of thoughts that run through your head when you’re confronted with the things you want but don’t have, then you’ve got the same problem millions of average people leading average lives have. You let your excuses talk you out of your dreams and your goals.

But there IS a solution. And it ISN’T what you think.

All of your excuses actually boil down to just one critical missing element.

Those who possess this element achieve every goal they set and get everything they want, and it isn’t at all hard for them. Those who don’t … don’t.
Most people think this element is difficult to acquire and almost impossible to maintain. I’m writing to you today to correct that misunderstanding — and to give you a RISK-FREE opportunity to discover just how SHOCKINGLY EASY it can be to eliminate your excuses and start getting what you want.

What I’m talking about is self-discipline. That’s right, self-discipline is the key to success of any kind. When you have the power to actually DO the things you need to do and say you’re going to do in order to get what you want, you are truly an unstoppable force for achievement. It’s the ultimate secret of all the people out there right now getting what they want.

But here’s the real secret:

Self-discipline is incredibly easy to achieve! In fact, by implementing the simple, scientific techniques you’ll discover in The Science of Self-Discipline, you can literally program your mind for AUTOMATIC self-discipline.

That’s right! The techniques and strategies you’ll discover in The Science of Self-Discipline will make it so that you are always doing the things that will get you the results you want. Without pain. Without struggle. Without deprivation. Without ANY of the negatives you might think self-discipline is all about.

You’ve got a self-discipline problem. You know it. Stop making excuses, and click on the link below to order The Science of Self-Discipline today. When you master self-discipline, you will change your life forever — GUARANTEED. And you won’t believe how EASY mastering self-discipline can be.

I urge you to take this vital step to finally put your excuses in check and have the life you’ve always wanted.


Vic Conant

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