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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Great Associate Tools ...


PRICE: Free to $25 per month per user
GREAT FOR: Sourcing names and current contact details

To get access to Jigsaw's online directory with more than 6.5 million contacts from over 500 thousand companies, recruiters can either pay a monthly subscription fee or earn points by contributing the business card contact details of 25 new people each month.

Jigsaw is a great way to quickly pinpoint and source candidate contact information and identify prospective clients. Recruiters search for business contact information by name, title, company, location, department, industry, employee size or revenue.

The content is community-generated by Jigsaw's 300k registered users so it crosses all industries and includes people at all levels of the organization. Contact details are more likely to be up to date than other people databases because users earn access to free contact information for correcting bad data. With other people search tools users weed through a lifetime of contact information to find the most current data. Jigsaw provides access to only the most current direct contact details.


PRICE: Free to $749 per job posted
GREAT FOR: Getting jobs in front of passive candidates

Let me just start with saying JobThread is truly cool — a free job distribution service to Google Base, Simply Hired, Indeed, Oodle, Vast and Edgeio. Thanks for saving recruiters all that time. The premium tech package distributes postings to an additional 12 sites including Slashdot, Gizmodo, Linux.com and Lifehacker, and reaches 10 million unique passives each month.

JobThread's EasyPost is aimed at getting jobs in front of passive candidates where they hang out on the Web. "Tech publishers were the first to adopt our new model," says Eric Yoon, JobThread CEO, "and we intend on expanding our posting network to niche publishers in other communities such as business management, sales, and marketing and healthcare."

Not only does EasyPost distribute jobs to leading online publications, it also makes the posting process easy. Other job distribution services require page after page of data entry, but because of JobThread's unique relationships with publishers, the multi-posting process could not be easier.


GREAT FOR: Building candidate profiles

Free people search engines are springing up all over the Web (e.g., Wink, Spock). General Web search engines, like Google, search the indexed Web where Pipl (pronounced people) searches registration required and dynamic Web sites that are invisible to traditional search engines (aka, the Deep Web).

Pipl can help recruiters warm up cold calls by providing profile information on prospective candidates and clients. Enter any name at pipl.com to receive contact details, public records, publications, articles and Web page references. Pipl searches thousands of sites in real time including social networks, directories, public databases and database-driven Web sites, including MySpace, Friendster, ZoomInfo, Jigsaw, Flickr, Yelp, Google and Yahoo. New data sources are being added all the time.


PRICE: Starting at 9c per call for 1,000 calls
GREAT FOR: Quickly filling job orders

Call-Em-All allows recruiters to quickly and easily record and send out broadcast voice messages. Within minutes users can set up a new account online using a credit card. Larger clients are able to establish corporate accounts with summarized reports, consolidated billing and branch bill-back capabilities.

The recorded message is sent to selected contacts or to an uploaded call list. Once the call is launched, the recruiter can monitor results in real time. Message recipients can listen to the call or voicemail and reply to the message, using their phone keypad, expressing interest, declining the opportunity, requesting not to be called in the future or sharing a referral.

Call-Em-All Founder and President Brad Herrmann explain that, "Most of our recruiter customers use Call-Em-All to quickly distribute job opportunities, especially when they are racing to fill large orders. I really like the creative uses of the tool, though, like using it for timesheet reminders, missing timesheet alerts and wake-up calls. One of our more creative clients used it to remind all employees to update their addresses before W-2s were sent out. It seems that once our clients get started with the tool, they find all sorts of great uses for it."


PRICE: Varies according to usage, starting at $100 per month
GREAT FOR: Quickly filling job orders

InstaStaff enables recruiters to distribute job openings to an unlimited number of candidates by telephone, voicemail, email, text message, instant message and fax. Candidates can respond to the message directly, letting the recruiter know if they are available, need more information, have a referral, are available soon or are not interested.

Contact information is uploaded into the InstaStaff Web application. Each custom voice message can be easily recorded via PC or though a telephone and the text messages are typed directly into the Web interface. InstaStaff sends the message to each contact starting with phone numbers, and works its way through all the available contact methods until the potential candidate confirms the message has been received.

The value proposition of InstaStaff is clear: Recruiters end up spending their time talking with interested candidates rather than answering machines.

"Without InstaStaff, only one out of 10 recruiter phone calls is actually made to a candidate that is interested and available for the job opening," says Patrick Stuver, EVP of InstaStaff. "It costs about two dollars for each live phone call, no matter what the outcome. InstaStaff specializes in working with staffing companies with 10 or more locations so we really understand the industry and its unique needs." InstaStaff enables staffing companies to fill jobs faster with lower overhead costs by ensuring that recruiters are spending their time talking to qualified, available candidates.

Source: www.staffingindustry.com

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