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I have extensive senior level leadership experience in the recruiting, career management, and staffing industry and have been instrumental in building three successful staffing businesses. I have been responsible for the development of business strategy, ensuring organizational effectiveness, corporate leadership, driving change, accounting, information technology, marketing and raising venture capital. I’d like to connect and network with a vast array of professions that are interested in building the world’s first recruiting, career management and staffing (US Staffing Industry ~140 billion revenues) community that is owned by its participants. The pay-for-performance platform pays each participant in the collaborative value network commission in direct proportion to their performance and the performance of others. Contact me anytime: 949-612-6085 x32 E-mail: george@staffingforce.com

Sunday, November 11, 2007

StaffingForce Leadership Conference

StaffingForce Leadership Conference
Friday, November 16, 2007
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM



620 Newport Center Drive
Newport Center- Suite 350 Training Center
Newport Beach, California 92677

(Park for FREE at the Fashion Island Mall and Walk to Our Offices)

Education, Networking and Fun – feel the Southern California pulse and vibe this year at the StaffingForce premier event comes to Newport Beach. Join the top StaffingForce leaders and Associates for the StaffingForce Leadership Conference 2007.

Education is the primary reason Associates attend the StaffingForce Leadership Conference 2007. With inspiring speakers, multiple workshops, and roundtable discussions, you’re sure to take away new ideas and value information to help your business prosper.

Networking is key to connecting with old friends, new Associates and fresh ideas. They are all under one roof at the StaffingForce Leadership Conference 2007. From organized events to elevator rides, you have ample opportunities to create connections with other StaffingForce Associates. Make those encounters mean something to you and your business for years to come.

Fun entertainment is everywhere. Enhance your Newport Beach experience with exciting entertainment and breathe taking beauty. Decide which places you want to visit – most are within a short jaunt from our facilities.

Book your flight, car, and hotel …

What’s happening in Newport Beach, CA?

Agenda at a Glance


- Website/Member Portal Overview – Free Solutions For All
- The Associate Program – Art of a Successful Presentation
- The StaffingForce Platform - Efficient and Effective Demonstrations

Lunch – Promenade Lunch


- Building Your Associate Network – The Key to Income Security!
- Interim Placements Workshop – The Secrets of Hourly Recurring Income

- Permanent Placements Roundtable – Getting In & Going Big…
- Specialization by Occupation and Location – The Competitive Advantage

Networking – Yard House

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