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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July – Celebrate

Why are we still celebrating?

First of all, we celebrate our choice of freedom over autocracy and subjectivity. We celebrate all employees of the past that have agreed that democracy was worth changing jobs for. We celebrate that as individuals we have rights that no one employer can take away. And we celebrate the freedom of the workforce to work this week for what ever employer we believe in.
We celebrate the freedom to have a career and make whatever money our energy, health, and abilities will allow.

We celebrate hard-work and everyone that thrives on teamwork and is motivated by sharing in the responsibilities of ownership.

We celebrate self-directed training and all improvements that create the best prepared most competence in the marketplace.

We celebrate on providing a secure career opportunity (not just a job) with unlimited growth potential where each colleague controls their own promotion.

We celebrate performance by sharing profit where everybody has the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

We celebrate participatory leadership in a team culture that strives for excellence.

We celebrate the freedom to pack our friends or family into a car and drive across the country without asking anyone when or if. We celebrate the freedom to buy the best food and medicine science has provided.

But in addition to this celebration of choices, let’s also remember that we celebrate the freedom to change. To become all we that we can be. To improve the condition of ourselves, our candidates, our clients, our company, our investors and people the world over.

In our less-than-perfect world, we can change our skills and lot in life through education.
We can change our environment with your input.

We can change our health problems with research and cures. We can change our cities through compassion and involvement.

Yes, we may disagree about how to go about all the changes. Nevertheless, we are free to choose and change. To enjoy what we have now and grow to what we can become as community. We celebrate freedom to choose and change. We are one body and one spirit against anyone that threatens to take this independence away.

We are one -Asian, white, brown. We are Protestants, Jews, and Catholics. We have Irish blood, Mexican blood, and German blood. We make our home in the West and in the Southwest. We are liberal and conservative, experienced and just getting started.

But one thing we have in common. We are -one body and one spirit for freedom and objectivity. For choice and change, against restriction and stagnation.

Let’s celebrate God’s blessings. Let’s celebrate the choice that we all have made to create something bigger than ourselves. Let’s celebrate the sacrifice that we all have made. Let’s celebrate our resolve to improve that which is not perfect.

Let’s celebrate the hopes that everyone around the world can choose and change.

Let’s enjoy ourselves today. We are united!

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