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I have extensive senior level leadership experience in the recruiting, career management, and staffing industry and have been instrumental in building three successful staffing businesses. I have been responsible for the development of business strategy, ensuring organizational effectiveness, corporate leadership, driving change, accounting, information technology, marketing and raising venture capital. I’d like to connect and network with a vast array of professions that are interested in building the world’s first recruiting, career management and staffing (US Staffing Industry ~140 billion revenues) community that is owned by its participants. The pay-for-performance platform pays each participant in the collaborative value network commission in direct proportion to their performance and the performance of others. Contact me anytime: 949-612-6085 x32 E-mail: george@staffingforce.com

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Help Your Associates ...

Your “first team” consists of Associate who you personally referred and joined the Associate Program. As your first team refers other Associates, your Associate Network begins to grow. Train, mentor, inspire, and communicate with your Associate Network. You will earn commissions when they earn commissions.

As you build your network and they continue to build theirs, everyone has the opportunity to profit directly from their personal efforts and the efforts of others. You will quickly see the efforts of many are much more rewarding than the efforts of one.


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