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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Logo Finalized …

When I asked our graphics artist to share with us his rationale behind the StaffingForce logo that he design, this is what he said.

“Going for maximum impact this proud human capital resource organization chose design elements working together in a systemic fashion, to convey a clear, crisp and simplistic message. The company colors are sported prominently in both image and text, ingeniously delivering completion and brevity.

The imagery is inspired and interwoven. Interpretative license is given to the viewer to conjure: a solid, dimensional, interlock design object is chosen, not prescriptive but inviting onlookers to read meaning into it. Spanning breadth and depth, scouring the globe for talent, going to the ends of the known reality to find you the specialized staffing you need”.

It is wonderful design and one that captures the global unity that is at the core of our business model.


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