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Friday, March 09, 2007


My name is George Vasu, and I moved to this country from Romania with my family when we immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio when I was seven years old. It took my father 20 years to be released from Romania even though he had an American password all the while. I was born in Arpasul De Jos, in the Carpathian Alps which is in the center of Transylvania. The nearest big city is Sibiu. We basically came to the US with four suitcases and no language skills.

Our journey in the United States started with the switch from lush country village to the concrete jungle. It was quite an experience.

We arrived Halloween Eve, and moved to the west side of Cleveland, where I went to West Technical High School. I had a very interesting tenth grade - I was on the soccer team and our team went to the state finals, which was a big accomplishment for me, although much as I hate to say it, we lost to Finneytown (two to nothing). That too was quite a journey, going from a virtually unknown soccer team to the state finals. It was big achievement for the team and school.

After high school, I went to Cleveland State University — where just about every one of the thirty thousand students commutes to school. I graduated with a marketing degree, and decided early on that I would get involved in the internship program, to build myself a great resume after graduation - which I did.

Through my internship programs, I worked for the Army Corps of Engineers, General Electric in Nela Park, for the Lighting Business Group and I also worked for Parker Hannifin. The Parker Hannifin experience was a good one, and after graduating I was due to be hired full time by them. Unfortunately, the recession had reared its ugly head, and cutbacks took place. That was my first experience with cutbacks.

Fresh out of school, I applied all over Cleveland for a new job. Finally I walked my resume down to American Greetings, and within two weeks I was hired and transferred to the Washington, DC area. American Greetings gave me Northern Virginia as my own territory, and shortly after joining them I moved there.

As soon as I moved I decided to see what soccer teams were there—within a week I’d found one I liked and made twenty friends immediately. It was nice to go to a new area and meet a lot of great people. I saw that many of my friends on the soccer team were young like me, but very successful. The only difference I saw between me and the team was that they worked in very different businesses than I did – nobody else was in sales for a consumer company. At that point I decided that I had to change my life, and get into a business where the emphasis was put on commission-based selling. I did not want to go back to Cleveland, and at that time Washington DC had not come on in growth as it has recently, so I looked at two primary markets, New York and California. I also looked at what industry I should get into.

Real estate was not for me, as I did not imagine spending my weekends in someone else’s house! The stock brokerage market was something a friend of mine was in, and he was making a lot of money. I did not want this type of career though, and there was a series of exams to be taken too, so it wasn’t a simple option. I eventually narrowed my choices down to the staffing industry, and I narrowed it down to California as being the place.

I stayed one more year in the Washington DC area before I moved out to California. By doing this, I had a chance to work with a number of other companies during that year—including Southland Corporation, Frito Lay, Brown & Williams Tobacco, and Keebler. Again, it was consumer sales as usual—I did not like any of them, but they did at least give me very good experience, and at the same time I knew how to interview very well so I could get a very good start at the recruitment and staffing industry by moving.

I moved here to California in November, and by the third day I ended up winning a position with a brand new business start-up firm that was composed of two partners - and I was their first hire. In a matter of five years we grew the business to $5 million and twenty employees. What I found out about this firm was that they did staffing as usual, without paying fairly, and they ran it as an authoritative dictatorship.

I and three other associates decided to leave. We started our own company, and grew it to about twenty employees in total, basically specializing in accounting, financing, information technology, sales, and engineering. We looked at the opportunities to create a new business model in the process, and while watching how the brick and mortar businesses were reacting to the internet, we started to look at and really change the dynamics of being an owner with employees.

We have been progressively working towards a solution to change the status qua and provide a different and better solution to the wonderful world of staffing and a better quality of life for workforce as a whole.

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WrightHandBlogger said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, George...

I'm truly sorry to hear about your childhood friend, Jim Pischel. My condolences. Let's seek to do some good stuff in honor of him, ok?


George Vasu said...

Thank you for the kind words. Truely I would like to honor him in some way.

Lyn said...

Also, sorry to hear that... You are one well rounded and ambitious man. I love Newport Beach... Great place... Lived in San Diego and Long Beach like forever, then came East... Why? I am asking you.... Ha! Crazy life... Am very interested in your business ideals... might pop my mind here alot to learn from you... You are remarkable!